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Seven Extraordinary Things


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The Heart of the Hollow World

Written on July 6th, 2014


I’m back to posting weekly webcomics…sorta. They’re actually Scrollon episoidics (we can’t call them webcomics because scrollons are not comics, and these installments are not only available online but also on the Scrollon app for iOS). Check it out if you’re curious about my recent work.  The Heart of the Hollow World is a story I’ve wanted to do since I was 15 years old; about time I got aound to it.

I’ll be at Comic-Con  again this year.  If you’re there stop by the Scrollon booth (1221 \ 1223) .

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Welcome to Seven Extraordinary Things Title

Seven Extraordinary Things is a free online graphic novel written and illustrated by Doug Lefler. The story can be found in the Chapters section of this site. My general ramblings about art, life, visual narration and the film business can be found in the Journal.

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