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Seven Extraordinary Things


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Flashback - Leaving for Art School

Written on December 1st, 2014


I came across this picture of me in the mid 70s, packing the old ’67 Pontiac LeMans (my first car) in preparation for making the drive from Santa Barbara to Valencia where I would where I would attendĀ California Institute of the Arts.

Wish I still had that car.

SIDE NOTE: The car Janis drives in Seven Extraordinary Things is based on a ’65 Dodge Dart owned by one of my best friends.

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Welcome to Seven Extraordinary Things Title

Seven Extraordinary Things is a free online graphic novel written and illustrated by Doug Lefler. The story can be found in the Chapters section of this site. My general ramblings about art, life, visual narration and the film business can be found in the Journal.

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